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A human chain for the energy revolution and a future without brown coal.

The Stone Age didn’t end because of a lack of stones – come and help put an end to the coal age and save the Lausitz region! It´s done. The human chain was closed. About 7500 stood on 23 August 2014 hand in hand across the Neisse River and connected the village Kerkwitz in Germany and Grabice in Poland. Finally a big thank you to all of you, who was here and who supported us. 

Big problem - big protest

The future of our energy supply and the question whether we can stop climate change depend on developments in the Lausitz region. There, in the German-Polish border region between Berlin and Dresden, in the heart of Europe – hidden away from the public eye – one of the biggest environmental disasters in the community of states is unfolding seemingly unchecked. With the help and support of regional policymakers, coal companies such as Vattenfall and the Polish energy group PGE are planning the continued mining of billions of tonnes of dirty brown coal to burn in their coal-fired power plants. If realized, these plans mean that Germany, Poland and Europe will never meet their climate goals. Even more villages will be bulldozed and thousands of people, among them many Sorbs and Wends, will lose their homeland. More and more areas in Germany and Poland will become uninhabitable for decades to come, and open mining will result in the silting and acidification of rivers and lakes. We need more courageous people to help prevent this disaster – we still need you!

Billions of tonnes of brown coal lie beneath the villages of the German-Polish Lausitz region. For decades huge bucket wheel excavators have been mining this coal, cutting through the land, destroying fields and forests, houses and churches, playschools and cemeteries. We have put up with the disastrous impact of brown coal strip mining on humans and the environment for far too long. But now time is up for brown coal. Month by month, wind and solar energy are increasingly replacing coal and nuclear power. And opposition to coal in Germany, Poland and elsewhere is mounting. More and more people are realizing that brown coal is destroying our future. Each new strip mine is an attack on the energy revolution. Climate protection is impossible if we don’t phase out coal. This is why we are putting ourselves in the way of the plans of the federal state governments and the coal companies.

The protest is going on

By the end of september the website will still be online. But the protest against the dirty brown coal is going on. Additionally you can stay informed about this on the various websites of the organizations involved.